Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire – A Guide to Their Healing Properties

Sapphire is widely revered as an emblem of integrity and can help guide us along our journey toward wisdom. It can be especially helpful in times of conflict or disagreement resolution and used in crystal grids, Reiki healing sessions or other spiritual practices.

Massage therapy can also provide physical benefits, including relieving the discomfort associated with indigestion, improving eyesight and helping with ear issues. Furthermore, it may help soothe insomnia and facilitate restful night’s rest.

Mental Clarity and Wisdom

Yellow sapphire can help to soothe the mind and bring clarity of thought, as well as stimulate the third eye chakra for accessing spiritual realms. Furthermore, its vibrations increase intuition and psychic abilities so you can trust your instincts and make informed decisions.

This beautiful gemstone is widely praised for its ability to ease anger and rage. Furthermore, it may help release any karmic debts and forgive both others and yourself.

Yellow sapphire can help increase personal power and abundance when combined with amethyst (associated with the crown chakra), or it can be combined with citrine (associated with wealth and good fortune) or rose quartz to promote wealth and good fortune. Rose quartz can add loving energy, encouraging compassion and empathy in both yourself and others. Green Sapphire (associated with heart chakra) promotes loyalty and integrity while improving vision clarity while aiding dream recall as well as healing inflammatory conditions and managing blood sugar levels for diabetic patients.

Prosperity and Abundance

Sapphire is known as the gemstone of wealth and abundance. It can bring financial prosperity as well as business success, manifest abundance in other areas of life such as relieving depression and increasing positive mental states as well as aid cellular regeneration.

Rose Quartz is an extremely protective stone. Linked to the throat chakra, it may assist with emotional issues which cause relationship conflict as well as conditions related to thyroid and thymus glands. Furthermore, this stone may help with past-life healing as well as increase clairvoyant capabilities by clearing away mental blocks.

Yellow sapphires, commonly referred to as fancy sapphires, can be found throughout Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Like their blue counterparts, yellow sapphires may contain inclusions which create the star-like rays seen on blue gemstones; usually this happens due to parallel bunches of diaspore or rutile crystals forming within the gemstone itself.

Emotional Stability and Clarity

Sapphires are widely considered emotional healers that help alleviate stress and calm the mind, encouraging patience and strengthening communication skills so we can express ourselves more clearly when speaking out and expressing emotions. Because of these properties, sapphires make ideal stones for those struggling with depression or dealing with mental health issues like PTSD or anxiety; additionally they enhance spiritual healing processes as well as increasing clairvoyance, telepathy and psychokinesis abilities.

Blue Sapphire is a stone of romance, love, and devotion – especially helpful for Geminis who fear commitment as it helps them overcome fears and build deeper relationships with their partners. Additionally, it strengthens ties while encouraging honesty and transparency as well as improving communications between partners.

Sapphires also connect to the Water element in feng shui, providing serenity, healing, and inner peace. Placing them around your home or office helps clear your mind and enhance intuition – it should ideally be placed between Qian (northwest) and Dui (west) bagua sectors to maximize this energy source.

Protection and Strength

Sapphires are often associated with the Earth element in Feng Shui, providing nourishment and security to relationships. Yellow sapphires have long been considered lucky stones as they bring happiness, optimism, and can help mend difficult emotions that have surfaced from alternate or former lives.

Sapphire healing energies help strengthen relationships among children, parents, siblings and relatives; as well as mitigating disputes with friends or business partners; ultimately bringing clarity and calmness in the home environment.

Sapphire energy emanates from Jupiter, representing prosperity and abundance, providing Leos with an opportunity to realize their dreams and find success in all areas of their life. Harnessing its powers can assist Leos with manifesting their dreams and reaching success in all spheres, increasing energy when feeling discouraged, heighten spiritual understanding and intuition while relieving fevers, headaches, nose bleeds, eye issues or any other ailments they might be suffering from; aid digestion or help lower blood pressure as a bonus!