Panasonic Aero CS/CU-Z50XKR Split System Heat Pump

Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps use air-to-water technology and are an ideal way to replace traditional fossil fuel heating systems. Plus, these smart home devices such as Google Home or Alexa enable hands-free control over your system!

XKR Series INVERTER heat pumps offer premium highwall INVERTER heat pump performance, featuring sleek designs and cutting-edge technologies such as nanoeX and i-AUTO-X. Their advanced air purification system effectively inhibits pollen, bacteria and deodorises food odour as well as pet smell.

Product Specifications

Panasonic Aero series INVERTER Heat Pumps feature an elegant black finish to complement your living space and are easy to install and operate.

Advanced technology meets beautiful aesthetics

ECO Mode intelligently adjusts air conditioning power for your home based on temperature and activity detection to reduce energy use, saving money on power bills.

Strong Fast Cooling

The iAUTO-X feature automatically increases compressor frequency from start up, providing quick stable temperatures while also reducing noise and vibration.

Clean and pure air is always within reach with the i-AUTO-X automatic deodorisation feature, designed to filter odours out of your indoor unit and deactivate bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, and other harmful particles from entering through its filter system. This feature works independently or concurrently with cooling and heating units.

Product Description

Panasonic Aero CS/CU-Z50XKR Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner offers cooling and heating in one slim design. Panasonic’s INVERTER technology conserves energy by adapting compressor rotation speed based on room occupancy and sunlight intensity to maintain an even temperature for consistent comfort.

Nanoe(r) X air purification provides fresh air at all times with Sensitive Choice endorsement and reduces bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollens and mould from entering your home while deodorising.

Experience powerful, fast cooling from the moment you switch on with iAUTO-X. Its intelligent operation mode automatically adjusts compressor speeds according to your preferred operating range, saving energy while optimizing performance and comfort. Meanwhile, AEROWING blades spread cool air evenly while showering down for seamless comfort.

Product Features

Panasonic’s innovative air conditioning features, inspired by nature, to offer you a superior cooling experience are AEROWINGS and iAUTO-X. AEROWINGS features twin motorised blades which adjust airflow direction while iAUTO-X detects human activity and sunlight intensity to adapt energy consumption accordingly and keep your room comfortable day or night.

Panasonic’s iAUTO-X uses natural refrigerant R32 to deliver powerful and fast cooling from start-up until temperature stabilization, controlling power usage for reduced energy costs and ultimately saving you money.

Nanoe X’s advanced air purification technology ensures you and your family breathe healthy air with nanoe X, providing them with clean, healthy air that inhibits bacteria, viruses, pollen allergens mould and food odour for all of you to enjoy breathing in. Perfect for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Working 24-7 to ensure Quality Air for Life for you all.

Product Warranty

Panasonic provides a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty that covers parts and labour for this Panasonic Aero CS/CU-Z50XKR printer.

INVERTER Technology delivers energy savings by optimizing compressor rotation speed to optimise cooling operations, and by controlling airflow evenly for maximum comfort. AEROWING airflow evenly cools and showers down for endless comfort while Nanoe-G purifies the air of microorganisms and fine particles from surfaces and furniture for cleaner environments and healthier living spaces. Smart control with iAUTO-X provides strong yet faster cooling when you need it most.